Vidal Sour Strawberry BeltsVidal Sour Strawberry Belts

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Brand: Vidal


Packet 100 g


Sugar, Glucose and Fructose Syrup, Corn Starch, Sugar Syrup, Inverted, Wheat Starch (Contains Gluten), Wheat Flour, Acidifier: Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Palm Grease, Moisturizer: Glycerin, Aromas, Corrector Acidity, Potassium Citrates, Salt, Vegetable Concentrate: Carrot, Black Currant.

Marca: Vidal


Paquete 100 g


Azúcar, Jarabe de Glucosa y Fructosa,Almidon de Maiz, Jarabe de Azúcar, Invertido,Almidon de Trigo (Contiene Gluten), Harina de Trigo, Acidulante : Ácido Málico, Ácido Cítrico, Grasa de Palma, Humectante : Glicerina, Aromas, Corrector de Acidez, Citratos de Potasio, Sal, Concentrado Vegetal : Zanahoria,Grosella Negra.

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