Ali oli with Smoked Olive Oil LA BARCAAli oli con Aceite de Oliva Ahumado LA BARCA

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Brand: Finca La Barca

All i oli sauce is an Spanish classic made of olive oil emulsified into freshly crushed garlic with a touch of lemon and salt. It has a pure, fiery, intense garlic flavor. 

Finca  La barca adds his characteristic smoked flavour  form it's renowned  Olive oil 

The garlic gives it an intense aroma and a full, savoury flavour and this condiment is traditionally served alongside paella, arroz negro and other rice dishes. It is also a delicious accompaniment to grilled meats or with simple boiled vegetables.


Sunflower oil, smoked olive oil 25% (Arbequina variety, smoked with traditional oak wook), water, garlic 10% (garlic and acidulant: citric acid), EGG yolk powder, lemon juice (antioxidant: sodium metabisulfite (contains SULPHITES)), salt, vinegar, stabilizer: (guar gum, xanthan gum and sorbitan polyoxyethilene monosterate), sugar, antioxidant: calcium and disodium ethylenediamino-tetracetate.


Egg, sulphites.

Marca: Finca La barca

Alioli elaborado con Aceite de Oliva Ahumado ??Finca La Barca??. Con el caracterí­stico sabor ahumado y aroma del Aceite de Oliva Ahumado y un toque especial de ajo


Aceite de girasol, aceite de oliva ahumado 25% (variedad arbequina, ahumado con madera de roble tradicional), agua, ajo 10% (ajo y acidulante: í¡cido cí­trico), yema de HUEVO en polvo, zumo de limón (antioxidante: metabisulfito de sodio (contiene SULFITOS)), sal, vinagre, estabilizante: (goma guar, goma xantano y monoestearato de polioxietileno de sorbití¡n), azúcar, antioxidante: etilendiamino-tetracetato de calcio y disodio.
Huevo, sulfitos

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