Fried Tomato Sauce MARTINETETomate Frito MARTINETE

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Brand: Martinete

Tomato sauce with sauteed onion, garlic and sunflower oil in the traditional way, without scents or flavourings, using only natural products quality. It preserves the flavour of an authentic homemade tomato sauce.

Being a product already cooked, it can be used directly, cold or hot with various dishes such as eggs, rice, meat, sausages, pasta, etc. Also as a base in the preparation of pizzas and generally as a component of any plate.

Can 415 g


Tomatoes, sunflower oil, sugar, potato modified starch, salt, onions and garlic. Gluten free.

Marca: Martinete

Salsa de tomate sofrita con cebolla, ajo y aceite de girasol al estilo tradicional, sin aromas ni saborizantes, solamente utilizando productos naturales de calidad. Conserva todo el sabor de un auténtico tomate frito casero.

Lata 415 g


Tomate, aceite de girasol, azúcar, almidón modificado de patata, cebolla, sal y ajo. Sin gluten.

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