Semi Cured Mahon Cheese D.OQueso Mahon Semicurado D.O.P.

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Brand: Mercadal. D.O.P. Mahón

Cheese of firm and easy-cut crust with a yellowish cream-ivory color. With more evolved flavor and dairy aromas, with some reminiscences of butter, cut grass and roasted nuts. 

You can eat it the traditional way, sliced, then sprinkled with olive oil, black pepper, and tarragon.


Pasteurized cow's milk, rennet extract, preservative e-1105 (egg lysozyme), lactic ferments, salt. in bark: preservatives e-200, e-235 and e-172 colorant. inedible crust.

Marca: Mercadal. D.O.P. Mahón

Queso de pasta firme y corte fácil, de color crema-marfil amarillento. Con sabor y aromas lácteos más evolucionados, con ciertas reminiscencias a mantequilla, a hierba cortada y a frutos secos tostados.


Leche pasteurizada de vaca, extracto de cuajo, conservante e-1105 (lisozima de huevo), fermentos lacticos, sal. en corteza: conservadores e-200, e-235 y colorante e-172. corteza no comestible.