Concentrated Fish Stock for PaellaFumet de Marisco para Paella Concentrado

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Brand: Olmeda Origens

Format: Can 410 g 

Concentrated fish broth to make 100% natural seafood paella without artificial colors or preservatives, made with rock seafood from the Bay of Santa Pola.

Concentrate: Add 3 equivalent measures of water. For a paella for 6 persons.


Water, Rock fish (Monkfish and Centollo), tomato, olive oil, onion, sugar, salt, garlic, natural aromas and colorings, Ñora pepper


Fish and Shell Fish, , ,

Marca: Olmeda Origens

 Formato: Lata 410 g

Caldo de pescado concentrado para elaborar paella de marisco 100% natural sin colorantes ni conservantes artificiales, elaborado con marisco de roca de la Bahía de Santa Pola.

Concentrado: Añadir 3 medidas equivalentes de agua. Para una paella para 6 personas.


Agua, Pescado de roca (Rape y Centollo), tomate, aceite de oliva, cebolla, azucar, sal, ajo, aromas y colorantes naturales, ñora


Pescado y Marisco, , ,

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